Yuma Could be Nigma Galaxy’s new carry

Nigma Galaxy had a disappointing Dota 2 competitive season. They were relegated into Division II by the end of Tour 2 as well as having a bad run in Dreamleague Season 19 under Amer ” miracle-“. The team was brought in as a replacement for PSG.LGD who had visa problems. Sumail ” SumaiL ” Hassan, and Ammar ” ATF ” Al-Assaf, have both left Nigma Galaxy to join Team Aster, and Quest Esports, respectively. This has left the future for the team quite uncertain. D1 Hustlers, formerly D2 Hustlers, had a successful run in the Dota Pro Circuit Western Europe (WEU), 2023 Tour 2 Division II. They finished in the top 2 positions and were promoted to Division I.

The team announced on Twitter recently that they had parted with their carry player, Yuma ” Yuma“. Egor ” Xakoda“, the team’s player at position 5, revealed the possible destination of Yuma.

Yuma to join Nigma Galaxy as a carry

Xakoda revealed Yuma’s new team in a Telegram, where he said that he had been ‘called’ to Nigma Galaxy. He decided it was better for him. Yuma could join Nigma Galaxy soon, joining forces with Kuro ” KuroKy ” Takhasomi and Ivan ” MinD_ContRoL ” Ivanov. This change has not yet been officially announced by the team. It also hasn’t revealed a replacement player for its last position, which is likely to be occupied by Maroun “strong>GH/strong>” Merhej. Miracle- has been speculated to return to the team by some fans, but there have not yet been any official announcements. Nigma Galaxy is returning to Division II in the next DPC Tour.

Gorgc reacts to Yuma possibly joining Nigma Galaxy

Gorgc, a popular Dota 2 streaming star, shared his thoughts about Yuma’s possible new role with Nigma Galaxy as a carrier player. “Wow, this is crazy. You do realize that the Yuma player is playing in Division I, right? It also means that Miracle isn’t returning. I don’t know why people believed he would be returning, they said clearly that he just took a short break from his vacation. These guys (D1 Husters) are now Div I, and they have lost their carry. That’s going to be a bummer for D1 Hustlers. Let’s see how they perform. He went to a Div II nigma. I guess that salary is just too good, right? Gorgc replied, “Can’t say no to this.”

He continues to discuss the future of his team and the possible last player. “So, they’ve got Yuma in here and who is mid?” Mikey perhaps? It depends on who they get. It’s a pretty good guarantee that they will be back in Div I. But yes, I don’t really know why people believed Miracle- would be returning but yeah, now there’s going to be a new person to blame. It’s Yuma Blaming Time,” Gorgc said.

Yuma moving to Nigma Galaxy could be a major change for both teams. D1 Hustlers would lose a key player, while Nigma Galaxy gains a talented carrier. This roster change has yet to be confirmed and it is unclear how this could affect both teams in the DPC season. Nigma Galaxy may be able bounce back from recent struggles if it does acquire Yuma. D1 Hustlers will need to find a replacement in order to maintain their momentum in Division 1.






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