xQc Calls Out Twitch After Neymar Loses €1,000,000 Playing Online Poker

24 Apr

Popular streamer xQc has accused Twitch of applying a double standard for allowing soccer star Neymar to stream online gambling content. The accusation comes after Neymar was seen gambling with thousands of dollars during a live stream, despite Twitch’s ban on that type of content.

xQc, who is known for his streams on gambling and video games, was in the middle of a Minecraft live stream when his chat informed him about Neymar’s channel. He was surprised to see the Brazilian gambling with such a large amount of money.

Criticizing Twitch, xQc said:

“I don’t want to be some anti-Twitch bandwagoner, but this is some pretty big pick and choose dogshit.”

He added that if he or another gambling streamer like Trainwreck tried to broadcast online gambling content, they would get an instant ban. Some viewers tried to justify Neymar being able to stream the gambling content, pointing out that he was using a site called Blaze, which is not named in Twitch’s ban list.

xQc made it clear that the Twitch ban covers all forms of unregulated gambling, not just on the named platforms.

Neymar Loses €1,000,000 Playing Online Poker

Football star Neymar hit the headlines after this stream where he lost a staggering €1,000,000 in less than one hour playing online poker. The Brazilian shocked viewers by fake crying after losing an insane sum of money, not bothered in the slightest.

Despite this significant loss, the 31-year-old won’t be bothered too much as his €45 million per year wages will more than cover what most of us find an obscene loss.

The loss has led to criticism of Neymar’s on-screen behavior, with some accusing him of promoting gambling in a negative manner. Twitch Poker recently banned unregulated websites that were being used to stream various casino games after a series of incidents and stories like this will only serve to encourage a more severe clampdown.






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