What happened to Flights in Valorant?

Connor Dykes, a Valorant player known as “Flights”, started playing the beta version of the game and quickly gathered a large following on YouTube. Flights, a former CSGO player from Warrington in the United Kingdom, picked up Valorant’s closed beta during its early days. Flights, who is known for his crazy Raze play, was able demolish an enemy team by himself with the agent’s Ultimate Showstopper. The YouTuber, who used to upload frequently in the past seems to have disappeared from the public eye. Fans are wondering what happened with Flights in Valorant after months of no uploads.

The success of Flights

Dykes has been known as Flights in Valorant since the closed beta days. He regularly uploaded streams to YouTube and racked in over 500K subscribers. This number has since grown to over 924K. He ran a Twitch channel that had 373K subscribers, and later uploaded compilations of his most successful plays to YouTube.

Flights was well-known for his Raze play, where he used her Blast Packs to move around the map and take out enemies. A former Counter Strike player, Flights enjoyed

“surfing” on different obstacle courses

Custom servers are available. The player’s skills were improved by getting used to the surfing mechanics. He was able to confuse his enemies with his smooth and quick movements, but also his excellent aim. He regularly scored aces in his matches.

He was accused by other players of hacking because his flights were so good. His videos were a masterclass in how to use the Raze utility. In January 2021, T1 esports signed Flights as a streaming talent due to his success and epic YouTube plays. He is still signed to T1’s streaming roster.

What happened to Flights In Valorant?

Flights’s fame as a Raze gamer has led to him being able to upload videos to YouTube. This stopped in the last year. His last YouTube upload occurred on May 24th 2022, while his last Twitter was posted on March 23rd 2022. Both were discussing the Raze Nerf that made unplayable.

Since then, the streamer hasn’t posted on social media nor streamed Twitch. He has appeared on broadcasts of other streamers, such as NRG Esports Chris


Irvine. When playing a Valorous deathmatch on


, Flexninja says,

You don’t need to post. Flights is your flight.

Flights replies by saying:

“I don’t want to post […] you know.”

Flex asks him:

Have you been enjoying Valorant lately?

“, to which he replies.

No, it’s not true.

“Since then, the streamer participated in a charity-organized event by Double Peek in January this year. He played with fellow streamers and creators of content.

Flights doesn’t seem to be enjoying the game anymore since the Raze nerfs. Flights has not said when he will stream Valorant again or if he is moving on to something he likes better. However, his latest Twitter picture suggests that he is taking up combat sports.






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