Warzone Mobile release date delayed on App Store

Warzone Mobile is already available in select countries such as Brazil, Australia Chile and Sweden. More countries are expected to follow. Many fans are eager to play the game after pre-registering over 35 million times. Warzone Mobile has hit a slight snag in its global release. The release date of the game has been changed. You can find out everything you need to about the Warzone Mobile change in release date.

Call of Duty Warzone released date on App Store


confirms that Warzone mobile is working

In March 2022, a tweet was sent out asking for people to join their publishing and development teams. Warzone has since conducted several closed alpha testing and limited releases in various countries. Activision announced a variety of features, including multiplayer and new maps. It appears that the developer has delayed the global release. According to a Tweet by Charlie INTEL the release date of Warzone Mobile on the App Store is now expected to be Nov 1, 2023. It was previously Expected to Be May 15, 2023.

Activision is yet to announce a date for a global launch of the game. Studio Co-Head Chris Plummer confirmed this in a deep dive. Plummer said that Activision will expand the limited release into more countries in Europe, South America and Asia to ” substantially increase our audience“. Limited release is available for the game in Brazil, Australia Chile, Norway, and Sweden.

The developer also plans to add support for more


Plummer also stated that Activision is looking to add new modes, challenges and UX improvements. Plummer stated that Activision was looking at adding new modes, UX improvements and challenges. Fans can expect more seasons until the game’s worldwide launch. Check out the video below for a deeper look at Call of Duty: Warzone mobile.

Minimum requirements for Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone Mobile currently has the following minimum requirements for Android and iOS devices:

Apple iPhone 8+ or Better

Android: Adreno 618 or better

Memory: 3GB or more RAM

Pre-registering for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is possible by visiting the official website.

Google Play Store page

. Click here to download the iOS app.


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