Velocity Gaming explains Amaterasu’s inclusion over Deathmaker in VCL SA split 1

Velocity Gaming, one of the most powerful Valorant teams from South Asia, was eliminated early from the VCL 2023: South Asia Split I. This resulted in a lot of criticism by the team’s fans and followers.

Anuj ‘Amaterasu’ Sharma was chosen to replace Debanjan ‘DEATHMAKER’ Das during the playoffs for the first split. This decision was clearly a mistake, which most people could not understand.

Velocity Gaming immediately lost two matches in a row with a score of 1-2 against True Rippers Esports, and Gods Reign. The entire organization was criticized for this questionable move.

After more than two weeks, the issue has finally been resolved. Players and management of Velocity Gaming have come forward to explain what happened.

Velocity Gaming explains why Amaterasu was replaced with Deathmaker during the playoffs for VCL 2023 South Asia Split 1.

In a documentary called ‘The Experiment,’ which was released by Velocity Gaming recently, players and management discussed one of the controversial decisions made by the team in its history.

Velocity Gaming was the dominant team on paper. It had proven itself in the group stage, where it went undefeated and won eight maps consecutively. The team, despite its flawless run, decided to change things up in the playoffs. It was a disaster for them.

Amaterasu, who had recovered from a back injury and was one of the best framers in South Asia, replaced Deathmaker as the main firepower of Velocity.

Deathmaker revealed in one segment that he was forced to return home for two days to Silchar, Assam, just before Velocity Gaming’s final group stage match with MLT Esports due to an emergency situation at home.

He thanked Manoj “Sentinel” Kasyap and the management team for allowing him go home to take care of an emergency, but said that he was shocked when he returned to find out about his bench.

“For a second, I felt like I was benched because of my two-day trip to Silchar. I couldn’t understand anything,” stated Deathmaker.

Adam “ec1s Eccles”, the captain of the new line-up, says that he didn’t expect the management would experiment in this way for the playoffs.

He believes that this switch of players was an error. “I personally didn’t even want to remove Sunny Deathmaker, not for the experiment, because I believe, if the player is the best in the league you shouldn’t change him. ”

Amaterasu shed more light on the matter by explaining that it wasn’t him who replaced Deathmaker. He actually came in to replace Domagoj “Doma” Fancev, who had moved from being a sentinel, to a duelist.

Adarsh “Euphoria” Singh is Velocity Gaming’s team manager. He said that this change was implemented because Doma struggled in his role as a sentinel.

“I thought it was a wise decision.” Euphoria said, “I think it was an excellent decision to make all the changes in the first split. We had nothing to gain ,”.”

Euphoria says that some things need to be tested internally, and he wants to see if Doma can add something more. It is clear that now that they know the results, the timing could not have worked out better.

Velocity Gaming finished in the 5 th-6 _ th position at the VCL: South Asia Split 1. The team will begin its journey to Split 2 on the 6 , th of May. Orangutan was the winner of the previous league.

The team should be able to present the best iteration of their playing five, now that they have conducted all the experiments.






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