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Next week, the highly anticipated Valorant Tournament, VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo will finally begin. The tournament will take place between 11 th and 25 thJune, with the best teams in the world competing against each other.

Twelve teams are making their way to Chiba in Japan, where they will compete for the ultimate prize of $1,000,000 US.

The tournament is split into two parts: the group stage, and the playoffs. Both will be played in front of live audiences at two venues of international renown – Tipstar Dome China & Makuhari Messe.

VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo: Complete Details

The top players from the three regional Valorant tournaments that lasted over two months, VCT2023 Pacific League VCT2023 EMEA League and VCT2023 Americas Leauge have now advanced to the VCT Masters Tokyo.

You can find all the information you need about the tournament: competing teams, important date, schedule, format of event, livestream, and more.


Twelve teams qualified for the tournament. Four of them were given the top-seed and will start directly from the playoffs. The remaining eight must fight their way through the group stages.

Schedule and Results

The tournament is divided into two stages: groups and playoffs. These will take place between 11 the and 25 the of June.

  • Group Stage: 11 th through 14 th July

  • Playoffs: June 16th to 25th .

Group A: Overall Results

Results for Group B

Group Stage – All Matches

Playoffs Results

VCT 2023 Master Tokyo: Playoffs from Day 1 to Day 6.

VCT 2023 Master Tokyo: Playoffs from Day 7 to Day 8.

You can also download the format of your choice

Group Stage

  • Eight of the twelve qualified teams will compete at the group stage.

  • The eight teams will then be divided into two groups, each consisting of four teams.

  • The format for both groups is a double elimination, where each match will be played in a best of three series.

  • The two best teams in each group qualify for the playoffs.


  • The top four seeds will be joined by the four qualifiers in the playoffs.

  • The format for this stage is a double elimination, where each match is a best of three series. However, the finals in both brackets and the grand final are best of five matches.

  • The VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo will crown the winner as the last team standing.


The prize pool for this tournament is the highest ever at a Masters level event. It’s $1,000,000. The prize money will be divided between the teams according to their final ranking.


The main stream will broadcast the tournament live on Twitch in English. Other co-streams in other languages will be run by gaming creators and streaming.


All matches at the VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo are to be played in front of an audience. The majority will take place at the Tipstar dome Chiba, an indoor stadium that can seat up to 2,000 people.

The venue for the lower bracket and grand final will be Makuhari Messe. This is one of Japan’s largest convention centers.

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VCT 2023 Master Tokyo: Venues

As some of the top teams in the world gather in Japan, it is sure to be intense. All participants will have to give their best during the two-weeks of Valorant high-level action.






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