Valorous Episode 7: Team Deathmatch Teaser and New Agent Teaser

The burning question on every Valorant players’ mind right now is when Episode 7 will be released. The latest episode of “Dev Diaries” has been released, and it gives a sneak peek at the changes and new features that will be introduced to the game in the upcoming season.

Two episodes are guaranteed each year. Act 3 of the current Episode 6 was underway when it went live on 10 , th Jan 2023.

According to the battle pass timer active, Episode 6 Act 3 should end in 22 Days as of 5 thJune, IST. The new battle pass and Episode 7 Act 1 are expected to be released on Thursday, 22 .

Here’s everything we know so far about Valorant Episode 7, which introduces a new gameplay mode, agents and currency.

Valorous Episode 7: All we know so far

Valorant Episode 7 – Team Deathmatch

It’s been a long-running rumor that Valorant would be adding a Team Deathmatch mode. It has now become a reality, and will be released with Episode 7.

This is a fast-paced mode that allows tactical gunplay using all the available weapons, agents and even their abilities. It will be played exclusively on custom maps created for this game mode. The game mode is allegedly called HURM.

Valorous Episode 7 – Agent Teaser

Anna Donlon, Executive Producer and Dev Team Leader on Valorant, also revealed information about future agents. She said that there will be two new agents in the game by the end of 2023. The first will be a Sentinel and the second a Duelist.

Donlon, when referring to the Sentinel agent in the future, said that he is someone who “will stop you dead in your track and pull you into a closer view.” ”

The agent in gloves is seen standing before a workbench that has some tools, including a screwdriver and various lenses. Also, there are some documents, as well as a tablet. On the other side, you can find a cup of hot tea and some food.

This does not reveal much about the agent, their origin, or what they may be capable of.

At this time, we only know that the second agent will be a Duelist. It will be released in later this year.

Valorant New Sentinel Agent: Sneak Peak

Valorous Episode 7 – Other Changes

Andy Ho, the Game Director for Valorant, has provided us with more information about what to expect in Episode 7.

Valorant Premier

Andy, when talking about Premier, reveals that a final global test will take place in July prior to its launch in August after Valorous Champions 2023.

Progression System Change

Andy mentions the upcoming changes to the Valorant progression system.

According to popular Mike a new currency could be heading Valorant’s direction. This currency could be used for progressing through agent contracts, unlocking things from previous Battle Passes, purchasing skins exclusive to this currency, and much more.

Developers will soon announce more details on these changes as they dig deeper to explain each point.

Riot Games has also announced that they will launch the open beta of Valorant very soon in China.

The Valorant Champions 2023 will take place in Los Angeles, the home of Gecko, Riot, and Premier.






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