Valorant Stats Tracking

It’s great to track your stats if you want to know if you have improved. This helps you to identify where you have made mistakes and what you can do better. It can take a lot of time to watch your replays. You can get a good overview of your performances by tracking your stats. You can track your stats in many ways. There are websites and you can do it within the game. How to track your Valorant stats.

How to track your stats on Valorant

If you’re playing Valorant, you can check your stats by going to the “Career” tab in the main menu. Here select ‘Match History’ and you’ll get to see your combat score, KDA (Kills/Deaths/Assists) for your 10 most recent games.

Your ‘Career tab’ allows you to track your stats for each match.

You can click on any match to see detailed stats about your death or the location of where you killed your enemies. Also, you’ll get stats on first blood and your ECON score.

You can get details about your performance in each round as well.

Tracking your stats in the game

You can track your stats on websites such as if you’re not at your PC or unable to open the game. allows you to see your stats without having to sign in. You can also get a detailed overview. You can view stats for your profile, your friends’ profiles or other players. Stats are also available for agents, weapons and maps. is a great source outside the game to track your stats and even those of your friends.

Click on the link to visit their website.



Search for the name of the profile by clicking on Valorant in the list.

You can select the profile to get detailed information, such as average headshot percentages, maps played, agent played, and preferred weapons. It also provides detailed statistics of your improvement or deterioration in the last 20 games, which can be used to identify your strengths and weakness. allows you to track your stats. Click on the link to navigate to the website.


Enter your Riot ID or tag. has a number of unique features. has a leaderboard that shows you the top players in different regions, as well as for Valorant episodes or acts. Post in the LFG section to be matched with other players. You can download the mobile apps for both as well as to access all the information on the move.






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