Val Classico: Global Esports Destroys Velocity Gaming with a Resounding 2-0 Victory

Global Esports (GE), in a showmatch organized by Nodwin Gaming, won a thrilling 2-0 win over Velocity Gaming. The event was a preview of the upcoming VALORANT Challengers: South Asia Split 2 – VCLSA and featured two prominent Indian Valorant Esports teams.

This match had a very unique format. Each team chose a map, and the other team selected the side. The maps selected for this high stakes matchup were Bind and Haven. Both teams used a shorty gun for the first round of each map as a tribute to Karel Asenbrener (Twisten), an esports player from Team Vitality’s Valorant team who passed away recently.

Global Esports dominates Velocity Gaming with a 2-0 victory

GE chose Haven as the first battleground. VLT defended first. The teams engaged each other in a close-fought battle. GE won with a score 13-10. VLT chose Bind for the second map. GE, however, dominated the match, securing a 13-5 victory. Ganesh ” SKRossi ” Gangadhar displayed exceptional performance on both maps. He recorded 43 kills and 26 deaths. SkRossi contributed to GE’s victory with an impressive Average Combat Score (ACS).

Global Esports was represented by GE Fighting. This team included Bhavin “HellrangeR” Kotwani and Jayanth “skillZ” Ramesh. Akshay „KappA“ Sinkar, Ganesh „SkRossi“ Gangadhar and Abhirup «Lightningfast» Choudhury were also part of this intense battle. SkRossi and skillZ postponed their trip to Korea where they were preparing to compete in the Last Chance Qualifiers to take part in this important show match.

Velocity Gaming’s lineup consisted of Vibhor Vaid, Debanjan Das, Karan Mhaswadkar (excali), Sagnik Roy (hellff), and Tejas Sawant (“rite2ace”) Fans were disappointed to see Anuj ” Amaterasu ” Sharma absent, and Sabyasachi ( Antidote) Bose not play due to the commitment of his team to Valorant Challengers: South Asia Split 2 in VCL 2023.

This match was awaited by fans as this was a clash between two long-time rivals. It is unlikely that GE and VLT will ever meet again, given their respective locations in the Pacific and the dissolution of VLT.






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