Twitch’s new advertising guidelines target third-party ads, putting Esports at Risk

Twitch has recently updated its website.

Advertising Guidelines

The Dota 2 Community is very concerned about this. The new policy limits the use of banner, display and video ads during live streams. This reduces monetization options for both tournament organizers as well as individual streamers.

Twitch has responded to the community’s backlash against the new advertising guidelines by apologizing and acknowledging confusion. Twitch confirmed that streamers would be able to continue working with sponsors and acknowledged the importance of such partnerships in generating revenue. Twitch acknowledged that the policy was not effective, and promised to revise the guidelines. They expressed gratitude for the community’s feedback and assured users of future notifications. The organization has also reversed some of the changes that were made after the backlash from the community.

Impact of Dota 2 Tournament Organisers

Twitch’s new guidelines on burnt-in video, banner, and display ads could hinder Dota 2 tournament organizers from generating revenue. These ad formats were a vital source of revenue for event organizers, allowing them the opportunity to display sponsorships and raise funds.

Due to the new restrictions introduced by Twitch, tournament organizers could be forced to run ads in full screen, which would hide the stream completely. This means that fans may miss key moments of matches, such as intense team fights and critical gameplay decisions. These limitations make it difficult for tournament organizers to attract sponsors and monetize their events.

Streamers Caught In The Middle

Twitch’s new guidelines have implications for tournament organizers as well as individual streamers, who heavily depend on sponsorships and brand content to sustain their streaming careers. Before the new guidelines, streamers used banner and video ads to monetize without affecting their viewers’ experience.

The streamers had direct relationships with their sponsors and were able to earn money by displaying burnt-in videos, banners, and display ads. Streamers may now find it difficult to satisfy the needs of their sponsors and adhere to Twitch guidelines. Twitch is in a difficult position because of the limitations that are imposed by this new policy. This could create a rift with streamers, sponsors and even impact their ability to monetize content.

Recent updates have highlighted the complicated dynamics between streaming platforms, streamers and sponsors. The new guidelines may complicate negotiations between streamers, sponsors and their income streams. This could affect streamers’ ability to deliver engaging content to viewers.

The guidelines are restrictive to some streamers, but Twitch has promised to update its advertising guidelines. This is a good place to start for the company to align with their users and other companies on the platform. The streaming landscape is constantly evolving, so it’s important for all stakeholders that they find the right balance between advertising policies, sponsorships and the financial sustainability of Dota 2 Tournaments and individual streams.






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