The Story of Tbone

Tbone is a part of Indian Gaming Community since a very long time. His funny and charming character makes him adored by his audience. His journey is also very interesting, just like his streams.


Tbone began streaming in September 2017. Tbone was initially so shy that he would not even turn on his facecam. But over time, he became more comfortable interacting and facing the audience. This led to Tbone’s growth as an entertaining streaming.

Tbone began his streaming career with the popular title ” CS :GO“, but soon expanded his reach with other titles such as PUBG PC, Grand Theft Auto 5, and PUBG Mobile. His growth up until that point was good enough to bring him new viewers, but when he began streaming ” Valorant ” he got a big boost. This led to the JOD.


We have enjoyed watching Tbone transform from a shy streamer into an outgoing entertainer. Tbone’s choice to begin streaming GTA RolePlay changed the game.

Tbone was only known as an entertaining streamer, but since the introduction of GTA RolePlay streams, the audience has seen Tbone in action as ” Joseph Chacha“, a funny and witty in-game character. This helped him attract a larger audience than the FPS game enthusiasts.

Tbone’s ability to maintain a balance between FPS Games, AAA Games and other genres was the key to his success. That is why many people call him the JOD.






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