Skyesports & Orangutan Gaming Bury the Hatchet

The long-standing disagreement over the selection criteria of the Skyesports Championship Series 2023 for BGMI was finally resolved. The controversy arose after Orangutan Gaming’s (OG) cofounders expressed disappointment that they were invited to the quarterfinals and not the semifinals.

Orangutan Gaming felt that their team’s impressive record should have earned them the right to be amongst the top contenders. The organization believed that the focus on viewing numbers was overshadowing the hard work and dedication of its players. The sentiment was echoed and resonant with OG’s supporters and co-founders.

Shiva Nandy, in a public announcement, announced that the dispute was successfully resolved by a telephone call between the parties. Yash Bhaushali expressed his optimism and looked forward to working with Skyesports in order to create a robust esports eco-system. Both founders used social media to express their positive feelings and end the long-running conflict.

All parties involved resolved the dispute

Vinay Rao (Head of Esports, OG) originally took to Instagram and Twitter, expressing his disappointment. He compared their team’s performance to that of Team 8Bit, and Team Xspark who were placed in the semifinals.

Animesh Agarwal “Thug“, co-founder of 8Bit Esports responded during his livestream. He asked if the dispute should only have involved Orangutan Gaming, Skyesports and 8Bit. Thug said that OG, instead of blaming the other teams for its slot, should have made their case as to why they deserved a place.

Hades Plays, acknowledging the public nature the dispute, apologized publicly to Thug. Addressing him as “Bhai”, (brother), and expressing his regret for previous comments. Thug accepted the apologize and stressed the importance of maintaining a friendly atmosphere between teams. This is especially true considering the close relationship that exists between 8Bit Esports and OG. He concluded his statement by saying that all issues had been resolved.

All parties to the Skyesports Championship Series dispute 2023 have worked together, it seems, in order to reach a solution. They have refocused on creating a healthy environment for esports and are committed in the future to avoid similar conflicts.






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