Scout’s Solution to BGMI Playtime Limitations

Tanmay “Scout” Singh, a prominent esports player in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), has found an alternative solution to the time limitation imposed on players. With the highly anticipated comeback of BGMI, many athletes were eager to practice and regain their previous form. However, they were surprised to discover that the game had introduced a playtime restriction.

Under the new rules, players above 18 can only play BGMI for a maximum of six hours per day, while players below 18 are limited to three hours. This limitation has sparked concern among the gaming community, especially among esports athletes who believe six hours are insufficient to compete in their field.

Scout’s Unique Solution and Speaks About His Practice

Scout has been a part of renowned teams like Team SouL, Orange Rock Esports, and Fnatic, and is currently building his own team called Team XSpark. He recently made a promise to his viewers during one of his livestreams. He vowed to dedicate himself towards practicing and returning to the top. However, the fans were curious to know how he planned to achieve this given the in-game time restrictions, as exceeding the daily time limit would make him unable to log in until the following day.

In response to his fans’ queries, Scout revealed his innovative solution. He explained, “I will be playing scrims and tournaments with a new ID, which will be completely dedicated to that purpose. I will play classics and stream using my main ID.” This will allow him to continue practicing and competing in professional matches while being able to stream and create content as well. He further told his viewers that he won’t stop until he gets a trophy.

Sahil “Omega” Jakhar, who is a part of Team SouL, also opened up about the playtime limit on the same. He further told his viewers that “Let the game function for a while, let some time go. What’s the rush now?”  Omega also added that there will be more clarity over time. 

While fans are excited about the return of BGMI, they are also concerned about esports athletes that wish to stream and practice. The introduction of the time limit has added a new dimension to their challenges. It will be interesting to see how the players will strike a balance between their esports training regimen and content creation activities.






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