Scout sets the hierarchy; “BGMI players are better in Game Sense and Skill compared to New State”

Recently, on his YouTube livestream, Scout addressed some of the most major issues the community is facing due to the lengthy ban on Battlegrounds Mobile India. One such serious concern was regarding the professional BGMI esports players who are left deserted without any sponsors or tournaments that can provide monetary support. As a pillar of the community, Scout shared a realistic portrayal of the current scenario for esports enthusiasts and suggested players switch to New State. He believes that not only is it a new territory to conquer, BGMI players are far ahead of current New State pro players both in terms of skill and game sense.

Scout’s take on BGMI players vs. New State players

Scout started the segment by addressing that everyone has remained unreasonably patient, hoping for the game to return, but it is nothing but “blind faith”. He cleared the air by saying that nobody knows if the ban is permanent or not, and the streamer has always advised against waiting. 

Scout added that he has decided to completely shift his focus to New State for the time being because at this point he’s tired of the “coming soon” status of BGMI. He shared “I feel if you are willing to do something in esports, focus on New State. No offense to New State players but BGMI players are much better in terms of game sense and skills.” The streamer further affirmed that even with their current caliber, BGMI players will dominate the esports scene of New State.

As a former BGMI Esports athlete, Scout comes with competitive exposure that is almost unparalleled in Indian esports. Also nicknamed as ‘Mr. International’, he is an inspiration to all mobile esports aspirants out there, and the influencer has never shied away from sharing a realistic portrayal of anything related to building an esports career in the country. Even though the audience base of New State is still relatively small, he believes that the influential BGMI players making their move to New State will be the first step in order to make New State Mobile the new phenomenon in India. 






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