Scout gives a reality check on how BGMI’s uncertain return is affecting players

Since a few weeks, the mobile esports audiences in India have been treated to scrims of the highest level. The scrims were not without controversy, but they did give the public hope that the game would eventually return.

Tanmay “Scout” Singh is one of the founders of these friendly practice sessions.

During a livestream recently, Scout provided a reality check on BGMI’s questionable return. The game has been banned now for over nine months.

Scout explains how BGMI’s uncertain return is affecting players

When one of India’s biggest gaming streamers, and creators of content, shares his concerns about BGMI returning uncertainly with his viewers and audience during a livestreaming session, it is concerning.

He continued to say that, while some big players are earning money and doing well, a few tier-one players are still grinding away but are not at the level they need to be and now are facing a major problem.

“Let’s tell you the entire story, and it’s all true. I’m not fooling you guys because I am a part. A few of us saw a scene where people were paying to play scrims in BGMI, so we decided to pool our money and play instead. Upthrust Esports were contacted by the scrim players to host the lobby, but after two months they ran out of money. This is the truth ,” stated Scout.

He said that many players ran out of cash because they had to pay INR 2000 for scrim every four days or so. This equated to a monthly expense of around INR 10,000, which many players couldn’t keep up with.

“This is reality, a thousand rupees in today’s world is not a small sum. We have now stopped hosting scrims and playing them on Upthrust esports because we cannot raise the money required. Scout said that this is where we are now ,”.

He concluded by asking his audience a question: if things are this bad now, what will they be like in a month?


The segment begins at 02 :12.

Scout taunted sarcastically the unofficial BGMI pages on Instagram, saying they were much better connected with the officials behind the game. They are therefore able to tell the public when the game may return. Small YouTube streamers, like him, who regularly play the game have no idea of when it could return.






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