Saberlight shares his top team and praises Miracle’s performance

The esports world is watching with interest as DreamLeague Season 20 unfolds. Teams are battling for victory and a place at the Riyadh Masters. Shopify Rebellion is one of the top contenders with some impressive performances. Amer ” Abed ” Al-Barkawi has been added to the team, replacing Abed. The team has had some impressive performances but is still in the bottom of their group. However, if they win the next few series then there is a chance for them to reach Group Stage 2. Jonas ” SaberLight- Volek” was at the Gaimin Gladiators match to give a post-match talk. He spoke about Miracle dominating Earthshaker and who the strongest team is in the world.

Saberlight’s opinion on the strongest team in the world

Saberlight was confident when asked to name the strongest team on the planet. He said it’s Tundra Esports. Tundra Esports has gained a reputation for dominating the Dota Pro Circuit Western Europe 2023 Tour 3, Division I.

Saberlight has also shared his opinion on the three best European teams. He named Gaimin Gladiators as well as Tundra and Team Liquid among the top contenders for the region. He did mention that he has a fourth team in mind but will not name it. Instead, he’ll let the audience make the decision.

“I think Tundra looks really good now that they’ve won the EU DPC. I think we should be looking at all the EU Teams. They’ve been dominant for so long. All 3 EU teams, I believe, are very strong. The viewers will have to decide which 4th team it is. “But yeah, the other three are really strong,” said he.

Saberlight also spoke about his admiration for Miracle-’s performance against Gaimin Gladiators in Game 2. He praised him for the performance.

“I believe Game 2 Miracle asked for the Shaker and we decided that the Shaker was the best thing to do. He went into a sicko mode and it really helped. Overall, our strategy was better than Game 1,”he said.

Shopify Rebellion is still fighting its way to the DreamLeague Season 20 Group Stage 2. The team has put on some impressive performances that have given fans plenty of Dota action to enjoy. Saberlight gives his insights on Miracle-‘s performances and which teams he believes are the strongest in his post-match interview. Shopify Rebellion hopes to cement its position as one of the best teams in Dota 2 by leveraging the impressive performance and contributions from players such as Miracle.






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