ONE team wins VCL 2023 HK & Taiwan split 2, qualifies for VCT Ascension Pacific

Hong Kong and Taiwan will be represented by ONE Team. This team is the winner of the Valorant Challengers League 2023 Hong Kong & Taiwan Split 2. The VCT Ascension Pacific will take place between 28 th and 9 th th July.

ONE Team is a formidable force. They dominated the regional circuit, going 7-0 in the regular season. It did not lose a single game, but it only dropped two maps across the whole tournament. One in each stage.

ONE Team dominated the Anti Eco Eco Club in the best of five grand finals, sweeping them 3-0 to become the undisputed champion.

ONE Team is the winner of VCL 2023 HK & Taiwan Split 2.

Hong Kong & Taiwan have found a representative worthy in ONE Team, who has won both regional tournaments and shown tremendous growth. They are now at the top of the game from the bottom.

ONE Team began its journey in the open qualifiers for the VCL 2023 HK & Taiwan Split 1 The team did not become a hit right away, as it finished the regular season with an average score of 4-3. The team’s fortunes changed in the playoffs, where they went on a four-match winning streak without losing a map.

The team was a sensation overnight and had a lot of responsibility for the VCL 2023 HK & Taiwan Split 2. But they didn’t let it get to them and delivered a performance that will last a lifetime.

Anti Eco Eco Club failed to get revenge in the grand finale and lost 3-0. Anti Eco Eco Club gave a good fight on the map one, but the series quickly fell away and they failed to mount a recovery.

  • 13-11

  • Pearl | 13-6 | Anti Eco Eco Club loses map pick

  • 13-6

  • Bind | Anti Eco Eco Club map pick

  • Decider map pick

ONE Team now represents the regions of Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Pacific at the VCT Ascension Pacific 2023. This is the last step in qualifying for the VCT Pacific League 2024/2025. The biggest challenge for ONE Team will be to compete against the best teams in every region to win the only spot available to enter the international circuit.






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