NAOS Esports Qualifies For Pacific Ascension After Winning VCL 2023 Philippines Division 2.

The slots for the VCT 2023 Ascension Pacific are filling quickly. The latest team to qualify is NAOS Esports. They won the VCL 2023 Philippines Split 2 today, 4 th.

The grand final of the best-of-5 between NAOS and Oasis, two of the Philippines’ strongest teams, was a close race and met all expectations.

Both players gave their best effort. Oasis started with a victory, NAOS took the lead after securing two more maps, Oasis evened the score and NAOS crossed the finish line.

VCL 2023 Philippines Split 2 : NAOS Esports Champions

NAOS Esports is the winner of VCL 2023 Philippines Split 2.

Since the VCL 2023 Philippines Split 1, there has been a tight competition between NAOS and Oasis Gaming. The two teams had a score of 6-1 in the regular season, and then advanced to the finals through the playoffs.

In a similar situation, Oasis won the first match, but NAOS came strong to win the next three consecutive games, registering 3-1 victory, and denying the opportunity for the series going down to the decider.

In the VCL 2023 Philippines Split 2 NAOS and Oasis both dominated. The former scored a perfect 7-0 while the latter was right behind it with a score of 6-1 during the regular season.

Oasis hoped to change the outcome of the game, while NAOS was hoping for a similar result. The series went down to the last map, but the winner was the same: NAOS Esports held on to its throne.

  • 13-6

  • 13-9

  • 13-7

  • Bind | 13-8 | NAOS loses map pick

  • Lotus | 13-10 | NAOS wins decider map

NAOS Esports, the Philippines’ representative at the VCT Ascension Pacific 2023 is now the final step in qualifying for the VCT Pacific League 2024/2025. The challenge will be the most difficult yet, with the top teams in every region doing their best to get the only available spot on the international circuit.






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