Mobile Legends China Server Beta Test Officially Announced

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) China server beta testing phase has officially commenced, allowing interested players to register and delve into the game. The Chinese National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA) granted MLBB approval for release in April 2023, but the game has undergone alterations in both visuals and gameplay to align with the regulations imposed by the Chinese government. It’s important to note that the MLBB China server beta testing is exclusively open to players within China, with no participation available for players outside the region. This marks an exciting milestone for Chinese players eagerly awaiting their chance to explore MLBB’s unique experience.

MLBB China beta test server reveals new features and changes to the game

The highly anticipated internal beta testing phase for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) China server has been officially announced. However, it is exclusive to Chinese players only as the game requires a Douyin account (China version of TikTok) and a Chinese ID number to access the beta test server.

According to hesketh2’s Twitter post, many new exclusive features and content have been discovered that are designed specifically for the Chinese market. The China server showcases numerous visual changes and revamps that even the global Mobile Legends advanced server does not possess. Additionally, a standout feature is the introduction of a free roam world chat social map, enhancing social interaction within the game.

Furthermore, an unknown currency, tied to Douyin integration, has been unveiled, hinting at potential innovative in-game monetization strategies. Players can also partake in a variety of events and a dedicated battle pass, including exclusive events catered specifically to the Chinese player base.

A user on Bilibili, a Chinese social media platform, shared a match recorded on the Mobile Legends China Beta Test Server. Some heroes received various improvements, hinting at an enhanced visual experience for players. Moreover, it seems that the MLBB China Server might be ahead of the global version, as the video reveals that Miya, a marksman hero, now possesses a new second skill.

As the MLBB China server embarks on this internal beta testing phase, Chinese players can anticipate an enriched and uniquely tailored experience within the game. With exclusive content, visual upgrades, innovative features, and potentially early access to future updates. It will be interesting to see if these changes seen in the Mobile Legends China Beta Test Server shall be implemented in the global server in the future. 






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