JokerOG lashes out at Ultron: “You are not a child anymore”

Hemanth “Ultron” Sethi was angry at Gourav “JokerOG” Joshi for allegedly abusing him. JokerOG stated that Ultron is immature and needs to mature. The rivalry between the two players began during the Battlegrounds Mobile India scrims. Fans are eager to hear Ultron’s response to JokerOG.

JokerOG: If you have a following of fans, that doesn’t make you god

JokerOG says that Ultron’s ongoing dispute with him is one-sided. He said that he and his teammates had never disrespected Ultron or other BGMI teams or players. The player looked visibly angry and asked how someone could abuse another person on a livestream.

He said: “My team, or I, never abused him. Who do you believe you are? You can’t just say whatever you want in a stream because you are an influencer. You are no longer a child .”.

JokerOG questioned Ultron’s place in the BGMI. Ultron allegedly started the controversy during the ongoing BGMI scrims between JokerOG’s and Ultron’s teams. Ultron has not yet responded to JokerOG’s comments.

BGMI is not available in India officially at this time due to a ban issued by the government. However, controversy continues to rage within the community despite the fact that BGMI is not currently available. A feud is going on between

Tanmay “Scout” Singh and Suraj Neyoo Majumdar

Even the professional scrims in which the teams participate are marred by alleged political agendas.

Some teams still hold out hope that the game will return. Others are preparing themselves for the worst-case scenario.

BGMI returns

. There is no way to predict what the future holds for BGMI, but if this is your favorite show, you will find plenty of drama in the meantime.






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