How to claim rewards for VCT 2023 Master Tokyo Twitch & YouTube Drops

VCT Tokyo 2023 Masters, one of the most anticipated international Valorant Tournaments is fast approaching. has received a warm welcome by Japan. The tournament will take place between 11 and 25 in June. A total prize pool of 1,000,000 USD will be shared among the 12 teams competing from Pacific, EMEA, Americas and China.

Valorant is giving away some prizes to those who watch the livestreams on YouTube and Twitch.

These Twitch and YouTube releases are described in detail, including what they are, how to claim them, and when they will be available.

VCT 2023 Master Tokyo Twitch & YouTube Drops: Full Details

Valorant Masters was welcomed with open arms in Japan. Ten days of local countdown events were held, involving streamers, content producers, and fans.

VCT 2023 Master Tokyo: Rewards

To give back to fans around the world, tournament organizers decided to offer two free rewards to those who attend the livestream. These are Twitch and YouTube drops.

  • “Unpredictable” TItle

    The Valorant Player can own this prize by watching the tournament on Twitch between 11 and 25 , June.

VCT 2023 Master Tokyo: Twitch & YouTube Drops Title

  • VCT 2023 Master Tokyo Player Card

    You can win this prize if you tune in to the live broadcast on the 25 th of June.

VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo: Twitch and YouTube Drops – Player Card

VCT 2023 Master Tokyo: How to claim Twitch or YouTube drops

Before you start watching the livestream of the tournament to earn rewards, there are some basic requirements that you should keep in mind.

  1. To receive the Twitch or YouTube drops, you must first watch the VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo livestream.

  2. Make sure you have enabled the drop-down menu on the channel that you’re watching.

  3. You will be able to access the reward after watching for a specified period.

  4. Double-check that your Riot Games Account is linked to YouTube and Twitch in order to receive Valorant rewards.

How to check and connect Riot Games accounts with both streaming platforms.

Connecting Twitch with Riot Games account

  1. Log in to your Riot Games Account.

  2. Log in to Twitch. Click on the profile icon at the top-right corner of the screen.

  3. Go to the ‘Settings and Connections’ section on Twitch. Here you will find Riot Games’ account.

  4. Click on the “Connect” button to authorize the connection between your Twitch account and Riot Games.

Connecting Twitch and Riot Games Account

Connecting Riot Games to YouTube

  1. Log in to your Riot Games Account.

  2. Log in to YouTube. Click on the icon for your profile in the upper right corner.

  3. Go to the ‘Settings” section of YouTube and click on ‘Connected apps’. Here you will find Riot Games’ account.

  4. Click on the “Connect” button to authorize the linkage between your Riot Games and YouTube account.

Connecting YouTube and Riot Games Account

VCT 2023 Master Tokyo: Drop rewards for livestream

It is important to note that these rewards are not available on all live broadcasts. You can be sure to watch the livestream on the official Twitch or Youtube channels.

The organizers may announce a list of all broadcast channels that are drop-enabled at a future date. If you want to watch it with your favorite streamer, then check whether the drops are active or not.






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