HisWattson’s 5 best tips for improving in Apex Legends

Apex Legends can be a competitive, fast-paced game. Split-second decisions could mean the difference between winning and losing your team. Apex professionals like FURIA captain Jacob “HisWattson” McMillin who are experts at the game, have shared their tips on how to improve your Apex Legends. The ALGS 2022 Championship MVP shared his tips on Twitter for improving your Apex gameplay. These tips can be used to improve your Apex game or to help you climb up the ranks. Here are HisWattson’s 5 Best Tips for Apex Legends.

HisWattson’s 5 most powerful Apex Legends tips

1. Play with a Purpose

You will not improve if you play “just for fun” or “just to get better”. You must have a real goal that consumes you. The more unhealthier the goal, such as reaching Masters, achieving Apex Predator, or winning a competition, is better. Aim for the stars.

2. You can also see yourself as a third person.

It is important to be able to look at yourself from a third-person perspective to ensure that you are not in an awkward position. You will be able to position yourself better if you are able to see yourself from different angles.

3. Perception is everything

Position yourself more effectively by using the map’s geometry. It is important to create more space for strafing and dodging from all angles. In the pro’s scenarios, you can dodge behind cover for some situations, while being out in the open in others. This makes you more vulnerable. It’s important to use map geometry to make it easy for your opponent to hit you and difficult for you to hit them.

It is important to use the map features to your advantage when picking fights.

4. Strengthen your weaknesses

To become more rounded, find creative ways to train the weak areas of your game. HisWattson provides an example.

“My comms got lazy, so I went to the firing range and pretended to play. I screamed everything I did. It helped. “It helped a lot.

You can use

aim trainers

Identify your weaknesses.

5. Play Overwatch

This game has been cracked to provide better training mechanics. It is also more entertaining than an aim trainer. You will benefit more than you realize from 8-10 hours of playing ranked Soldier76, Cassidy and Ashe. Aiming in apex is easy if you can hit Lucios and Tracers.






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