Entity Tears Apart Team Liquid In WEU DPC Tour 3-Opener

Dota 2 continues to be a hot topic this year, as top Dota 2 squads have begun competing on Tour 3 of Dota Pro Circuit 2023 shortly after the Berlin Major. Entity, who has been struggling of late, defeated Team Liquid in a resounding victory. Entity showed that it understood the meta by making intelligent picks. They won 2-0 within an hour, despite the odds. Team Liquid also played the series using a stand-in, as Samuel ” boxi” Svahn wasn’t available.

Entity vs Team Liquid – Match highlights and recap


Entity was able to kill Nisha five times in the laning phase via support rotations. Entity managed to close down Nisha’s game by killing her five times during the laning phase. Liquid’s other lanes also failed, and they only managed three kills in 21 minutes.

Entity chose a Clinkz support in game 2 based on pubs that the hero had performed well at. The hero did much better than expected in the game. He finished with a KDA of 12-5-13. Watson had a great start against Slark on the safelane. A teamfight victory for Entity around the 12-minute mark set the tone for the remainder of the game. Liquid’s draft was a mess, and Entity heroes took advantage of this in a skirmish-filled game. They won in just 28 minutes.


The series is highlighted in this video.


Entity is off to an impressive start at the DPC WEU 2023 Tour 3 Division I after having a patchy two-season run. It has defeated not only the best team in the region, but also the world. In terms of picks, Liquid was ahead in terms of adaptability whereas it appeared that Liquid was following the Berlin Major trend.

Liquid may have lost their first series but they shouldn’t be disappointed as The International 12 (TI12), which is already booked, has been confirmed. Maroun Merhej, also known as GH, was the stand-in for Boxi who will be joining the team shortly.

Entity will play Tundra Esports, while Liquid will face Team Secret on the 17th of May.






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