Emerald Rank: Everything You Need to Know

Riot Games has introduced major changes to League of Legends’ Ranked. These changes will surely give players a new experience when they begin to grind their way up the Solo Queue ladder starting with League of Legends season 13 ranked split 2. The developer has made changes to Ranked before. In the past, the developer made changes to the matchmaking system, the promotion series and the Ranked Season.

Riot Games, while happy with the changes made, will introduce more during the Ranked Midseason in July 2023. The most significant change in Ranked is the addition of a new level called Emerald.

You can find out everything you need to about the upcoming Emerald rank, and how you’ll be playing ranked mode over the next few months.

What is Emerald rank in League of Legends?

The recent Dev Update from League of Legends’ Executive Producer Jeremy ” Darkmoon ” Lee and Head of League Studios Andrei ” Medidler ” van Roon discussed the changes to Ranked.

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Follow-up Blog Post

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Humphreys spoke in depth about the reasons behind the Ranked Changes and Riot Games philosophy on the Mode.

League of Legends’ distribution of ranking is very lopsided. Bronze and Silver are below average/average players, while Gold and platinum represent very good and above average players, respectively. Riot Games stated, “Our rankings have been biased low with over 60% of players in Silver or Bronze.” In League, many Silver Players are actually better than average, while Gold Players are much more advanced.

Riot developers said that in comparison to other games with similar ranking system, Riot ranked a large portion of their players one level lower. According to the developers, this will change in Split 2 with a more equal percentage split centered around gold.

Riot Games, however, is strict about not changing the top ranks of League of Legends in order to maintain the exclusivity and status they’ve had historically. Riot Games has added a new rank, Emerald, to help mitigate the inflation of the Diamond tier.

The Emerald rank is between Diamond and platinum and represents a similar percentage of players to what Platinum currently does.

Riot Games is going to do a partial reset in order to bring this new rank, Emerald. ” It works the same as the resets that you are used to, but your initial reset is smaller than usual. This will start you at a rank higher than you would normally have attained in previous resets.“, said the company.

The following changes will be made to Split 2 Ranked in order to help with this:

  • The number of placement games will drop from 10 to 5.

  • The promotion series will be removed. Starting with the next split, you can go directly to a higher tier when you have enough LP.






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