Diablo 4 Twitch drops: Dates & Rewards

Diablo 4 was released early to those who bought the Deluxe or Ultimate Editions, but the official launch will only take place on the 5th of June at 4pm PDT. Blizzard announced that a Diablo 4 Twitch Drops Event will be held over a period of four weeks to commemorate the launch. The

Diablo 4 Twitch Drops

The event will begin soon and continue until the end of June. This will give players ample time to earn exclusive cosmetics in their favorite class.

You can unlock exclusive weapon skins by participating in the Twitch Drops Event.

You can find out everything you need about the Twitch Drops Event for Diablo 4 here.

Diablo 4 Twitch drops event: Frequently asked questions

Diablo 4 Twitch’s most frequently asked questions are:

  • Who is eligible to participate? Does the player need to own their game?

  • How long before the expiration date can you claim your reward?

  • How do you calculate the time for a watch?

You can earn progress towards these Twitch drops by owning any edition of Diablo 4. You can also earn progress toward a Twitch drop by watching any Diablo 4 content creator. You can, for example, watch a half-hour on one channel before switching to another without losing progress. Only one channel can be watched at a given time.

Link your Battle.net accounts to Twitch. Earned Twitch Drops will expire 7 days after being claimed if you do not have a Battle.net Account linked.

Let’s look at the Drops dates and rewards for each week now that we have answered these questions!

The Twitch drops for Diablo 4. All the rewards from all 4 weeks are explained.

Twitch Drops are only available if you watch three hours or more of Diablo 4 content each week. You can get rewards for watching three hours or six hours. The rewards and drops are listed below for the four weeks of Diablo 4 Twitch drop event.

Rogue, Necromancer and Week 1 Twitch drops

Tune into streams between the 5th and 11th of June, 4 pm and 11.59 pm (PDT) to get the Azurehand Back Stabbing Dagger and Azurehand Heart-Piercer Sword Weapon recolors. You can earn back the Matron Sigil Coffer for Rogues and Progenitor favor (Necromancers) if you maintain your momentum over a period of six hours.

Week 2: Sorcerer

  • Time: 12th to 18th of June, 12am PDT until 11:59pm PDT

  • Watch 3 hours: Azurehand Spellslinger Wand weapon recolor

  • Watch Hellrune Tabernacle trophy back in six hours

Week 3: Druid

  • Time: 19th june 12 am PDT – 25th june 11:59pm PDT

  • Watch: Azurehand Headcleaver weapon recolor

  • Watch six hours: Font of Mother Back Trophy

Week 4: Barbarian

  • Time: 26th Jun 12 am PDT – 2nd Jul 11:59pm PDT

  • Watch the three-hour recoloring of the Azurehand Skull Crusher weapon

  • Watch six hours to see Matriarch’s Mantle returned trophy

You can also support Diablo 4 creators between the 5th of June (4pm PDT) and the 2nd of July (11.59pm PDT) by giving their channel Twitch subscriptions in any level. You will receive the rugged Primal Instinct Mount for your efforts.



For a list of all eligible Twitch channels that you can gift subscriptions.






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