BGMI Gyroscope Sensitivity Setting After Unban

Battlegrounds Mobile India has returned to the market after a hiatus of 10 months. It’s not surprising that some players are having trouble with their sensitivity setting. The best settings for the gyroscope in BGMI are based on your personal preferences and playing style. There are some fundamental steps that you can take to simplify and make the process more convenient.

The Best Gyro Sensitivity Setting for BGMI

There are several sensitivity settings that Gyro players can use to improve their aim tracking. For those who like low sensitivity, you can keep the settings of TPP (Third Person Perspective), FPP(First-Person Perspectave), and Red Dot Sight at 100-150. For those who prefer medium sensitivity, the range can be between 200 and 250. High sensitivity players should set their preference at 300 to 400. You can use these ranges as a guide to help you find the right sensitivity for your style of play. You should experiment with different settings to find the one that suits your style of play.

Gyroscope Sensitivity on iOS

Sensitivity Code: 7238-4245-4286-7096-036

Android Users may reduce these meters.

  • TPP No Scope 400

  • FPP No Scope 400

  • Red Dot 400

  • 2x Scope 400

  • 3x Scope 300

  • 4x Scope 200

  • 6x Scope (100)

  • 8x Scope 80

ADS Sensitivity – Keep the settings as they are. Or you can ‘disable’ the separate settings.

Avoid setting the sensitivity at maximum all at once. This can cause uncontrollable aiming shaking, and it will be difficult to see enemies when moving the screen. Instead, I recommend increasing your sensitivity 20-30% at a time, until you find your optimal balance. If your current sensitivity is 100 on the Red Dot Scope, increase it to 130, and see how it feels. This incremental approach allows you to fine tune your sensitivity, and find the best setting for your game.

Use Gyro for shooting down targets after placing your crosshairs on your target. Be aware of how accurate and comfortable your aiming is. Consider lowering your sensitivity if you are having trouble hitting targets or overshooting. If you’re feeling sluggish, or are unable to make quick turns, increase the sensitivity.






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