Amit Reveals Why He Will Not Leave Team SouL for More Money

Team SouL has one of the top lineups when it comes to BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). Its players were a force to reckon with having won multiple top-tier tournaments, one of the primary reasons why SouL continues to keep them around despite the game being banned in the country.

Apart from the players, appreciation is also due to their coach, Amit “Amit” Dubey, who has been with them since the start and has stuck around ever since.

During a recent livestream, Amit explained why a higher salary from another organization was not enough to make him leave Team SouL. He revealed the reason behind this statement which also goes on to tell a lot about his character.

Amit explains why a higher salary from another organization is not enough to make him leave Team SouL

The current defunct BGMI lineup of Team SouL has been guided by Amit since it came together in January 2022. He has been a pillar of support for the side, sticking around even during these uncertain times.

During a recent livestream, one of his viewers got curious if a higher salary was enough to make him join another organization and asked him this question, in response to which Amit said “I have a very simple concept that there is no scene related to salary, it all comes down to player and team. Wherever they stay even I will go there.”

Elaborating on the question, Amit hypothesized that if at some point he had to make a choice between the players and the organization, in this case Team SouL, he would go with the players.

That being said Amit clarified that till the time these players were competing under the banner of Team SouL, he does not feel the need or necessity to join any other organization.

Note: The related segment starts from 08:18 onwards.

Team SouL is currently competing in the controversial stricken tier-one BGMI scrims, practicing hard in anticipation of the mobile battle royale’s return. The team has been seen competing with different players and changing some roles but nothing can be confirmed at this point in time. Things will only be confirmed by Team SouL once BGMI officially returns.






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