Aladin explains how players can gain viewership by targeting SouL and GodLike

Some people believe that all publicity, even bad publicity, is good publicity. This includes streamers, content producers, and professional gamers with esports backgrounds.

In a recent livestream, Taha “Aladin” Khamkar a BGMI player with 7Sea Esports revealed a farming technique used by some to snare instant viewers from popular esports teams like Team SouL or GodLike Esports.

He described in detail how, in order to increase his growth by a significant margin, a professional player could take advantage of the popularity of these popular personalities.

Aladin reveals that controversies surrounding Team SouL, GodLike Esports and GodLike Esports result in growth for the players

In the Indian mobile esports industry, there are many disputes. Sometimes they occur between organizations but more often among athletes.

Aladin, in a recent livestream, exposed a common practice to generate a surge of viewers and impressions. He explained how players deliberately tried to engage in controversy, particularly with those who were under the banners of SouL or GodLike – two of the largest esports organisations in India – especially when it came to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

He explains how players will try to match their stream timing with that of any SouL player or GodLike, by landing on the drop zone and then fisting or panning them.

Aladin gives an example: “Imagine that I wanted to get into a dispute with Neyoo” (Suraj Mahumdar). I’ll drop into Hacienda, Georgopol or Georgopol and engage him in a fight by hitting him with my fist or pan. Then, I will also abuse him. I’ll automatically have some viewers of Neyoo livestream come to my stream and abuse me. This will bring some of his audience over to my channel. ”

He also says that this kind of thing happens all the time and is easy to do. Anyone could pull it off if they wanted to.

Aladin explains, “Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of people who deliberately target SouL and GodLike? They say bad things about them to attract attention.

Indian esports is rife with controversy, particularly in mobile esports. The average audience in this segment is young and relatively new to competitive gaming.

As time has passed, however, players, creators and streamers have matured and learned that their behavior on and off-stream impacts the audience. As gaming and esports grow in the region, hopefully things will improve over time.






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